• Down Gauge Hand Film - 16
Down Gauge Hand Film - 16

Down Gauge Hand Film - 16" X 1500' X 43 Ga - 28 Rolls = 7 Cases

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Down Gauge Hand Film protects against factors such as dust, moisture, and potential scratch related damages as well

Any product or item that needs to be stored or shipped should be wrapped with stretch wrap only

Down Gauge Hand Film offers a smooth process that tremendously decreases muscle and joint strain

During manual labor, muscle groups tend to get soar amidst the bending, lifting, tossing and turning that is common among this occupation

Now when it comes to laborers who daily package items for shipment and storage, many prefer the advantage that Down Gauge Hand Film provides for aiding in completing their tasks

One factor is that it s less demanding on the body

Our goal is to equip with the right gauge that will stabilize your packages during shipment and save you money

Taping boxes, lifting carts, attaching metal guards and roping twine is strenuous, slow and costly

The kick back is that laborers become more effective and efficient and enabled to save the company money

There are various sizes of Down Gauge Hand Film available for wrapping different objects

We at ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com is your ideal premier source for Down Gauge Stretch Wrap products

Whether you re a single user who wraps smaller packages or you re a purchaser for a company and you need a substantial amount at one time, we are your source for both bundling wrap and extended core style applications. /span /p