• Sartorius Smb95-1002, Microsart Mycoplasma Detection Kit
Sartorius Smb95-1002, Microsart Mycoplasma Detection Kit

Sartorius Smb95-1002, Microsart Mycoplasma Detection Kit

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Sartorius, SMB95-1002, Microsart AMP Mycoplasma Detection Kit Reduce your testing time from weeks to 3 hours with the Microsart AMP Mycoplasma

Carefully selected primer/probe combinations are highly specific for a region within the 16S rRNA gene for more than 110 Mycoplasma species

Due to the optional prior enrichment step using the Vivaspin 20 or Vivaspin 6 the starting volume for the DNA extraction is flexible

Features Minimizes testing time from weeks down to hours Microsart AMP Mycoplasma is validated according to EP 2.6.7 Convenient and simple use For use with all common qPCR cyclers able to detect FAM and ROX labeled probe The product fulfills all the different demands in regard to sensitivity and security

Rapid method for the detection of mycoplasma contamination are essential for improving monitoring of the production process of biological

The Microsart AMP Mycoplasma can be easily implemented because no specific hardware is needed

The Microsart AMP Mycoplasma is effectively validated according to chapter EP 2.6.7 in combination with EP 2.6.21 for sensitivity, specificity and robustness

The kit can be used with any type of real-time PCR cycler that is able to detect the fluorescence dyes FAM and ROX

The kit contains all essential components in a function tested ready-to-use master mix, including the polymerase

The total testing procedure takes only 3 hours

With the ability to be very flexible in sample volume up to 18 ml and sample preparation, the kit is specifically designed for the control of raw materials, for in-process control, and for lot release testing of finished products