• Avocent Cybex Sc920Xp Kvm Switchbox - 2 Computer(S)Dvidisplayport - Taa Compliant
Avocent Cybex Sc920Xp Kvm Switchbox - 2 Computer(S)Dvidisplayport - Taa Compliant

Avocent Cybex Sc920Xp Kvm Switchbox - 2 Computer(S)Dvidisplayport - Taa Compliant

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How It Works This switching system allows users to switch safely and securely between computers operating at different classification levels from a single set of peripherals, providing continuous access to critical data

3.0 Compliant Zero delay switching Two, four and eight secure, isolated computer channels Single and dual head DVI-I, DisplayPort and HDMI connections providing resolutions up to 4k UHD 30 Hz Advanced isolation between computers and shared peripherals Isolated ports on the switch provide discrete processing paths to each system USB peripheral isolation via unidirectional optical data diodes enabling data flow from devices to host only Optional Dedicated Peripheral Port DPP for secure connection to USB peripherals including two-factor authentication devices such as CAC smart card readers, fingerprint readers and

Adding Value The Cybex secure desktop KVM switch by Vertiv improves security at the desktop environment using premium security technology that eliminates the need for additional connected devices

Each desktop computer or device offers a potential point of entry into your network

Features NIAP Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switch v

Fewer connected devices not only provides improved security but it also saves costs and improves productivity

Laptops, PCs, memory storage devices, smartphones, tablets - all of these can be the catalyst for malicious attack or intellectual property theft

Military and government agencies, financial institutions, national health organizations, large media companies and multi-national retail chains - none are immune to major security events

Solving Problems Every day, news headlines report another cyber security breach

Whether you are running an organization with limited IT resources or managing a department within a large organization, protecting the desktop environment is critical to reducing risk and abiding by privacy and security regulations

While the importance of security at the network level has long been recognized, security management at the desktop is sometimes overlooked

With multiple security features, the secure design prevents the transfer of data or information between the connected computers, ensuring data security is not compromised